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Evidence-Based, Empathy-Driven Training 


Not actually a philosophy more like science-based.

The hardest part of finding a trainer is deciding qualifications and training philosophies.  First, don't rely on any trainers opinions.  Dominance, alpha and punishment based training is so 1970.  This is 2024 we now have fifty plus years of research in animal ethology, behavior, behavior analysis, and training.  Why use outdated, possibly harmful methods popularized on TV?  Here at Barks and Rec. we use only science-based, least intrusive methods of training.  No dog, no breed ever needs a heavy hand.  Choke collars, pinch collars, electric collars are never needed to teach obedience or behavior modification. 

Don't take our word for it check out these resources:  (also notice the reference sections of even more research on these papers)

Reward Based Works!

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