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Our Facility

We are Traverse City's largest training facility and only positive reinforcement training facility for Obedience, Agility, Nosework and more!


Group Classes

We set your new learner up for success.  Our group classes are limited to 5-6 dogs per class which allows for more individualized instruction and makes progress possible to everyone.  Group environments can be difficult for new learners and pet owners.  We use visual barriers and gates to make group classes achievable for all levels.  Group class environment is a must for dogs who do great at home but will not listen or focus in distraction.  Practice makes perfect! 

Agility Room

Our Pre-Agility and Agility classes are an amazing way to take your training to the next level and have a great time with your best friend. 


Private Consults

If your dog is in need of individual training we offer a wide range of options from one-on-one training at the training center to in home training with you and your dog.  We also offer training in your home while you are at work!

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