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Agility FUNdementals/Agility

New to Agility?  Start with the Agility FUNdementals class.  This class introduces handling, targeting and intro to obstacles work.  Our Agility class is open to all graduates of Agility Fundamentals.  Our classes are appropriate for pet owners looking to have fun with their dog or competition agility dogs.  

Monday agility classes are six weeks for 195.00 the Sunday Fundementals are four weeks for 150.00.  Drop - In you run 2-3 times in the order you sign up and the cost is $25.00 a dog. 

***All Agility participants must bring their own kennel and be comfortable kenneling between runs.***


Evening Class

Agility 2: June 12th @ 6:00pm


Day Class

Agility 1: June 12th @ 3:30pm

Agility 2: June 12th @ 4:45pm 


Weekend Classes - Sunday Evening

Agility Fundamentals I (New Four Week classes) - Staring April 23rd @ 6:00pm 


Agility Fundamentals II (Four Weeks) - Starting June 11th @6:00pm

Agility: Drop In Practice - for graduates of Agility 1 or Agility 2 - always at 7:15pm

April 23rd 

April 30th

May 7th 

May 21st 

June 11th 

June 18th 

June 25th 

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