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Friday Socials 

These 30 min play groups are for Pup Scout and Jr Rangers only.  If you are not enrolled or a recent graduate of these groups your puppy must be evaluated before joining.   These are not structured classes the agenda is play and exploration.  Classes are limited in size for safety so pre-registration is required.  If you have a very nervous or fearful pup we will help to mange them to have a positive experience but that may mean separation from the main playgroup.   


Puppies 20 weeks and under:

Next Puppy Social:  

December 3rd at 5:45

December  17th at 5:45


Puppies 5 months to 9 months:

Next Puppy Social:

December 3rd at 6:30

December 17th at 6:30


Socials for Adults coming soon:

Coming soon for graduates or Jr Ranger or Bark Ranger and have been evaluated by a trainer. 

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