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Smart Scout Package 

This is the best start for you and your new pup.  Your Puppies socialization window is only open from 2 weeks of age to around 16-20 weeks of age.  It's critical they experience as much as they can while their brains are open to it. This package includes 4 week pup explorers, 6 week pup scouts and 3 private training sessions with your Pup Scout Trainer.  If you choose this package you will start Pup Explorers the next Friday just choose between daytime (11:15) and evening (6:00)

Pup Explorers:


Pup Scouts 

This class is the ideal intro to obedience and life skills.  Our Pup Scout classes cover basics like Sit, Down, stay etc but we all teach your pup how to live in a human world.  We help with inappropriate play, stealing  (counter tops), jumping on guests, darting through doorways and so much more!

We use only Science-based, empathy-driven training techniques.  These positive reinforcement techniques have been around longer than the new alpha dog, punishment based training which focuses on choke, shock and prong collars.  Come see how amazing your relationship can be with your best friend. 

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