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In 2017 a friend told me that she was teaching her dog “Nose Work”, that the dog could find the scent of Birch on a Q-tip. It sounded interesting and of course I had to try that with my dog. I asked my agility instructor if anyone taught that and she said she knew of someone who did. We met with her a few times and my Mercedes was really into finding the “scent” for a treat! She worked with us about 5 times and then left for Florida for the winter. I kept up with this at home and decided to go to a UKC NOSEWORK trial on a blizzard in Dec. 


I did my Pre Trial run and passed. Did my first run and passed and then did the second run and of course passed. I looked at the judge and asked if I could go home now! She said “yes” or I could wait around and see if I placed. I was so novice I thought it was a pass/or fail. To my surprise we took a first place! I knew my dog was good, but dang I did not know she was that good. To make it even better, she loved having a job and using her nose!


Over the years, I have sought out various trainers and clinics, exposing myself too many ideas and methodologies.  I continue to be most influenced by trainers highly skilled in engagement and motivation...with an eye for the dog as an individual. 


I specializes in K9 Nosework classes


Lisa is committed to K9 Nose Work, whether teams are involved in competition or simply playing for fun.   


Mercedes  has earned:

UKC Elite Champion title.  UKC Master Handler Discrimination

AKC Master Level

CPE Level EX “C”


Multiple High In Trial


Verena has earned:

UKC Elite

AKC Master

CPE Level EX “C”


Multiple High In Trial

Lisa Meleski

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