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Indonesia Baduy People that Rejects Technology

Indonesia has many tribes scattered from the islands of Sumatra to Papua and also the number can reach countless them. Java Island is the one that has the most number of people as well as among them is the Baduy Tribe.

The Baduy Tribe is the citizen of Banten province situated exactly in the Lebak Area, Banten. Practice and culture become one point that is very preserved by the Baduy.

The Baduy has been designated as a social preservation area by the Lebak local government in 1990 due to the fact that the area that crosses from Ciboleger Village to Rangkasbitung Town has actually ended up being the house for the Baduy, which is the local of Banten Province.

The Baduy Tribe itself contains two teams which are the Inner Baduy as well as the Outer Baduy. The basic distinction in between both teams is seen from the method they apply custom rules. The Inner Baduy still maintains the custom as well as applies the rules well. While the Outer Baduy has actually contaminated with outside cultures. The following list of Wisata Jawa below is the complete difference!

Internal Baduy

The Inner Baduy is a team that resides in the woodland and is additionally one of the most obedient to the policies established by their customary head.

The characteristic of them in this situation are their clothing are not buttoned as well as caught, not using shoes and the clothes are just white that represent pureness and society which is not affected from outside world.

This Indonesia tribe likewise does not abide to modernization and also denies technology, cash and college. They can just connect with their native language which is Sundanese and also read Hanacara letters or characters.

The Inner Baduy lives in 3 villages which are Cikeusik, Cikertawana and also Cibeo, led by normal leader called Pu'un.

Pu'un is assisted by Jaro as his rep and also is tasked with establishing the growing period as well as the harvest period, additionally applying normal law and also dealing with ill individuals.

External Baduy

Different from the Inner Baduy, the Outer Baduy reside in an area that borders the Inner Baduy living area. This outside tribe has accept innovation and likewise acquainted to international societies such as colleges and money.

Because they already understand money, some Outer Baduy people go outside to market woodland honey. The garments put on by the Outer Baduy is likewise various from the Inner Baduy, which is black.The Outer Baduy resides in 50 villages in the Kendeng Mountains area.


The articulation of Baduy comes from the Dutch scientists that see the resemblance between individuals in Kanekes Town (Banten Ethnic) and the Badowi community in Arabic.

Another version states that the name of Baduy is extracted from the name of the river which lies in the northern part of Kanekes Town, the Cibaduy River.


The Baduy people make a living as farmers or growers of the fields. Abundant nature makes it very easy for the people to produce various food commodities. In the practice of farming individuals additionally do not use cows or buffaloes to cultivate land.

The Baduy additionally purely forbid pets from entering their area of house for preserving nature reason. The Baduy individuals likewise such as to increase chickens. Nonetheless, they will only slaughter hens on certain days such as conventional events or wedding days.


The Baduy home is made from wood as well as bamboo and developed with rock as the structure. The Baduy house contains 3 spaces with different functions of each.

The front acts as a place to receive visitors and weaving task for ladies. The center component is family room and for rest. While the back is used for storing harvests.

All areas are covered with a base constructed from woven bamboo. For the roof utilizing palm fibers or coconut leaves. The Baduy residence is made face to face and also constantly encounters north or southern.

In contrast to modern society, the wide range of the Inner Baduy is not seen from the shape and size of your home. The whole Inner Baduy area has houses of the very same shape and size. Their wide range is seen from the possession of some items such as ceramic. The more the quantity of pottery that is possessed, the higher the degree of the individual.

Not only electronic devices, the Baduy additionally do not make use of family furnishings such as plates or glass made from metal or glass. They favor to make use of materials from nature. For instance, for glass they make use of items of bamboo.


Every Baduy lady is called for to be able to weave. A soft textured woven textile is made use of for materials to make clothing while the harsh for headbands or belts.

Close to being used by oneself, woven fabrics from the Baduy are likewise traded as souvenirs for tourists.

Besides fabric, the Baduy likewise make bags from the bark of a tree called "Makanan Tradisional Semarang". This bag is used to store all type of products needed when on the move or on the move.

The Baduy individuals additionally still promote the set up marital relationship society. A 14-years-old girl will certainly be matched and also set up marital relationship with a male who additionally comes from the tribe. During the organized marriage, male parents are cost-free to choose a lady that will be their daughter-in-law.

Baduy individuals are also known like to strolling. They will stroll all over even though the range traveled is rather much.


The Baduy think that they are the descendant from Batara Cikal, which is one of the seven gods sent to planet. According to their idea, the Baduy are entrusted to maintain globe harmony. This belief is likewise called Sunda Wiwitan, which is worshiping ancestors as a type of regard.

There are three sorts of world in Sundanese Wiwitan beliefs as mentioned in the poem concerning the folklore of the Kanekes individuals:.

  1. Buana Nyungcung: the place where Sang Hyang Kersa lives, which is at the top,

  2. Buana Panca Tengah: where human beings as well as other creatures live, located between,

  3. Buana Larang: hell, situated at the bottom of the world.

  4. This principle resembles paradise, planet as well as heck.

The Baduy has a tradition of fasting for three months straight called Kawulu. When the Baduy is doing the Kawulu, the outdoors population is forbidden from going to the Inner Baduy. If you still wish to visit, you can only allowed to go to the Outer Baduy towns as well as additionally can not remain over night.

For the Baduy, Kawulu is a spiritual activity and can not be disrupted by outsiders. Throughout the Kawulu, the Baduy will certainly pray to their ancestors to constantly be given consistency and also a plentiful harvest.

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