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Four Week Focus Classes

These classes deepen your dogs understanding of complex behaviors.

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Four Weeks To Better Greetings 

Is your dog over the moon excited to meet new people in your home and on walks?  Jumping up on people is embarrassing but we can help. This class is a must for all dogs but especially those easily distracted.

Next Class: May 22 @ 4:30

Four Weeks to Better Recall 

Come when called is the most important life-saving behavior we teach dogs. A reliable recall is possible without electric collars or screaming your head off.

Next Class: April 12th @ 10:00am 
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Confident Dog

This 4 week class helps those dogs that need to build their confidence.   If your dog is cautious around new objects, surfaces, noises, etc. this class is for you.  Classes will consist of exploration and tips/tricks to support your dog.

Next Class: Coming soon 

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