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Private Training

We know group class isnt for everyone.  We offer private training in your home or at our facility. 


Supplemental Training

Great addition to your classes and you can pay the lower price of $100.00 per session 

Training Packages at our Facility

If you come to us we offer two different package prices or you can pay as you go.

For behavior modification (anxiety, reactivity, or aggression ) :

$250.00 Eval then $125.00 a session or you can purchase six for $600.00

For Private obedience training its $125.00 a session or six for $600.00


In-Home Training

We offer anything from once a week to three times a week in your home.  prices of in-home training are quoted by frequency and distance from out facility at Chums Corner.  For a Quote Call or Text us at 231-590-7497 or email 

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