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Pup Scouts

Your puppy has already begun his life-long journey of living and learning with you, make sure you're teaching him correctly. 

Pup Scouts (Manners and Obedience for 9 weeks to 7 months)

This six week class is specifically designed for puppies ages 3-7 months. Your puppy's brain is growing fast and this is the most critical time for learning.  The training not only covers socialization and prevention of behavior problems, but basic manners and the fundamentals of clicker training.  All classes are semi-private with only 5-6 puppies in each class allowing for more individualized training plans for your pup. 

Pup Scouts Covers:

crate training

House training

Prevention of behavior problems - puppy play biting, calm handling, resource guarding

Clicker training basic cues (sit, down, stay, etc.)

And much more!

Our classes are small to allow for individual attention we only accept 5-6 puppies so reserve your spot today.  All classes are non-refundable, non-transferable and make up classes are not guaranteed please check your schedule before purchasing.

We are now offering Puppy Exploration Classes.  These classes focus on Play, problems, handling and socialization.  Classes are rotational style meaning you can start right away.  These classes are focus on socialization and puppy problems only and are meant to be an addition to Pup Scouts not an alternative to Pup Scouts.  

If you sign up for both Pup Explorer's and Pup Scouts use the discount code SOCIAL25.

****Vaccination requirements all puppies attending puppy classes must have had their first DHPP at least 7 days prior to the start of class as well as a physical from a veterinarian.   Kennel cough vaccine should be given at the age your veterinarian deems appropriate. 

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