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These prices are for veterinary clinics only.


Puppy Classes

Want to offer our Puppy Program at your clinic? There is no better way to start them off on the right paw! 


$120/Per Puppy


Cooperative Care Visits

Are your pet owners having trouble trimming nails?  Are you having to restrain or use medications to provide medical care?  Here's the answer!



Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 1.37.41 PM.png

Behavior Consults

Do you offer behavior consultations but have no tech/trainer to assist in training plans and follow up?  



What veterinarians are saying:

It bonds the pets and clients to our office, and the dogs enjoy coming for visits.  The cooperative care training in class sets them up for many years of visits.  - Jennifer Clarke DVM

I always loved having appointments with the puppies that had gone through puppy class. They were the joy and highlight of my day because they were so happy and confident in the room.  They were excited to meet us and ready to learn! I wish ALL pets went through socialization classes like this! - Melissa Newcomb, DVM

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