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Which Group Class is right for my dog?

Not sure what class to sign up for or what class to take next?  No problem, you have come to the right page. 

Smart Scout Package - Ideal Start 

This package includes Pup Explorers, Pup Scouts and Three private sessions with your trainer at Barks and Rec. 

Puppy Explorer's

This class is a four week socialization class that teaches ply, enrichment, novel sounds, novel sights, and surfaces (slick, textured, tunnels, tables etc)  Click here to learn more 

Pup Scouts

I have a new puppy between 3-7 months old.  This class covers intro to life skills and obedience.

Pup Scouts:  To learn more about our Pup Scout click here.   

Junior Scouts

Our Adolescent Program:

Junior Scouts For all ages 8 months and over

To learn more about our Junior Scouts click here.   


Junior Ranger

My dog is a graduate of Pup Scouts and Junior Scouts. My dog has mastered sit, down, place, side and focuses well most of the time.

Intermediate life skills and obedience  click here.   

Bark Ranger

This is our CGC Class and is considered advanced obedience. We offer this class three times a year. 


My Dog/Puppy has been through a group classes at another place that uses positive reinforcement.

Welcome to Barks And Rec we recommend you call to see if you should sign up for Level 1 or Level 2.  


My puppy/dog has graduated Bark Ranger and are looking for fun things to do.

Nosework classes - have fun playing hide and seek with scents. 


If Agility sounds like fun start with the Agility FUNdementals.

We also offer Sunday Fundays, Workshops, and Tricks for Treats. 

If you have further questions you can call or text 231-590-7497

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