Which Group Class is right for my dog?

Not sure what class to sign up for or what class to take next?  No problem, you have come to the right page. 


I have a new puppy under 5 months old 

Our Puppy Program:

Pup Scouts Level 1 followed by Level 2 for all ages.  To learn more about our Pup Scout Level 1 click here.   


I have a young dog under 12 months who has never take a group class

Our Adolescent Program:

Junior Ranger Level 1 followed by Level 2 for all ages.

To learn more about our Junior Ranger Level 1 click here.   


I have an adult dog over 12 months that has never been to group class

Our Adult Program:

Bark Ranger Level 1 followed by Level 2 for all ages. To learn more about our Bark Ranger Level 1 click here.   


My puppy/dog has been through a Level 1 class at Barks And Rec. 

If you struggled through level 1 yo may want to retake it especially puppies under 12 month.  If you feel like Level 1 was easy your ready for Level 2 (all ages take the same Level 2 classes). To learn more about our Level 2 classes click here.   

You're also ready for Sunday Fundays and Workshops.


My Dog/Puppy has been through a group classes at another place that uses positive reinforcement.

Welcome to Barks And Rec we recommend you call to see if you should sign up for Level 1 or Level 2.  


My puppy/dog has been through Level 1 and Level 2

If you want to advance your obedience skill our Level 3 class prepares you for the Canine Good Citizen.  


If Agility sounds like fun start with the Agility FUNdementals.

We also offer Sunday Fundays, Workshops, and Tricks for Treats. 

If you have further questions you can call or text 231-590-7497