If you have a dog with behavioral concerns such as reactivity or anxiety group classes are NOT appropriate to help with theses issues.  Please call to schedule private training first. 


Pup Scouts Program 

Pup Scout level 1 and 2 are socialization and training classes for young puppies.  Your pup must be under 20 weeks of age.


Level 2 All Ages

These classes take your skills to the next level with real-world behaviors and distractions.


Friday Socials

These exploration and socialization classes are for puppies in our Pup Scout or Jr Ranger classes looking for more off leash play and exploration


In-Home Training

Don't have time to train? Want more help without a huge time commitment? Our in-home training happens while you're at work!   


Junior Ranger Program

Training and exploration classes for puppies 5 months to 1 year of age.  Perfect class for older pups.


Private Training

Group classes aren't for everyone.  We also provide individual sessions tailored to your dog. 



Get out and have fun with your best friend?  Come learn how to jump, tunnel, weave and so much more!


Nosework Classes

Make use of the sniffer in our scent detection classes.  These classes teach your best friend to channel his nose into finding specific smells. 


Bark Ranger Program

Bark Ranger level 1 and 2 are positive reinforcement basic obedience classes for all ages over 10 month of age. 


Sunday Funday 

These classes are themed one time enrichment classes for you and your dog.  These are open to all ages!


Level 3 All Ages 

This Bark Ranger Level 3 classes focuses on real world training and prepares dogs to take the AKC CGC if you want. 


Tricks for Treats

This is a great bonding class for any training team!  Our tricks class is all fun and no obedience...well very little.