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Junior Ranger
(Intermediate Skills / Therapy Dog 1 / CGC)

No more jumping, pulling or not listening. Basic manners has never been so fun!  We use strictly positive reinforcement to train all dogs how to listen and have great manners. 

This Junior Ranger program is an intermediate level for graduates of Pup Scouts or Junior Scouts.   These classes are small with six or less dogs so pre-registration is required to save your spot.  To sign up for this class your dog should be able to focus on you and walk with a loose leash most of the time with some distraction. If you're dog struggles with leash skills and focus the Junior Scouts class is more appropriate.  


Intermediate Skills:

This class works toward the Canine Good Citizen and Pet Partners Evaluation Test for Therapy Dogs 

Skills you will learn include CGC):

1. Accepting a friendly stranger Evaluator approaches and pretends to shake hands with handler (hands 6- 12” apart). Evaluator does not touch dog.

2. Sitting politely for petting Evaluator pets dog; dog must show no shyness or resentment.

3. Appearance and grooming Evaluator inspects dog, combs or brushes lightly, examines ears and each front foot.

4. Out for a walk Handler takes dog for a short walk including right turn, left turn, about turn and stop.

5. Walking through a crowd Dog and handler walk close to several people; dog may show causal interest but not jump up.

6. Sit and down on cue/Staying in place Handler shows that dog can do both sit and down, then chooses a position, leaves dog and goes to the end of a 20 ft. line, and returns immediately.

7. Coming when called With dog still on 20 ft. line from Test 6, handler walks out 10 ft. and calls the dog.

8. Reaction to another dog Two handlers and dogs approach, pretend to shake hands (hands 6-12” apart), exchange pleasantries, then move on.

9. Reaction to distractions Distractions are presented; dog may not panic or show aggression.

10. Supervised separation Handler goes out of sight for 3-min. Dog is held

All classes are non-refundable and make up classes are not guaranteed please check your schedule before purchasing.

****Vaccination requirements: all dogs attending any group class must have proof of current DHPP, Rabies, and Kennel cough. 

If your dog is leash reactive, aggressive toward humans or dogs group classes are not appropriate.  Reactive dogs will be removed from the group class and put into private training at an additional cost.  We do work with anxious and reactive dogs please call for suggestions. 


Next Evening Class:
June 9th @ 6:00pm 


Next Daytime Class:
Coming Soon



Next Saturday Class: 
Coming Soon


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