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Bark Ranger   
(Advanced Life Skills/ CGCA/ Therapy Dog 2) 

Our Bark Ranger classes are designed to further advance the skills you learned in your Pup Scouts, Junior Scouts or Junior Rangers class, no matter the age of your learner.  This class focuses on advancing your obedience in real-world situations and is designed to educate owners on problem-solving.  Our Bark Ranger Class is limited to six participants at a time and is recommended for pet dogs wanting to further their manners and focus, CGCA prep dogs, future therapy dogs, or even Rally O students wanting to practice with lots of distractions. Let us know what your goals are! Community Canine Good Citizen Skills are listed below and there will be field trips for this class.


Skills needed for this class:

CGC or graduation from Junior Ranger Classes.  

Skills you will learn: 

  1. Dog stands, sits or lies down and waits under control while owner is occupied with a task​

  2. Walks on a loose leash in a natural situation (not in a ring) — does not pull.

    • left turn

    • right turn

    • stop

    • fast and slow pace

  3. Walks on loose leash through a crowd:​

    • in the community, dog walks on sidewalk, through a crowd at a community fair, park, on a trail, through a busy hallway, etc.

  4. Dog walks past distraction dogs present; does not pull.

    • at a show or class, dog walks by dogs waiting in the crowd–dogs 2 ft. apart

    • in the community, dog walks by other dogs on a trail, sidewalk, in a hallway, etc.

  5. Sit-stay in small group (two other people with dogs, total of 3 people, 3 dogs in group).

  6. Dog allows person who is carrying something (backpack, computer bag, etc.) to approach and pet it.
    “May I pet your dog?” (Item is placed on floor/ground before the person pets the dog)

  7. “Leave it.” Dog walks by food and follows owner instructions, “Leave it.”
    This can be food placed by the evaluator on the floor or ground in a food dish with a wire cover as in Rally.

  8. Down or sit stay — distance (owner’s choice).
    Dog is on 20–ft line, owner walks away with back to dog, picks up an item (e.g., backpack, training bag, clipboard, folder etc.) placed on the floor/chair/ground by the evaluator and returns to the dog.

  9. Recall with distractions present (coming when called). Handler goes out 20–ft. **(off center) and calls dog.
    Dog is on the 20–ft. line from #8 above.

  10. Dog will sit or stand stay (owner’s choice) while owner enters/exits a doorway or narrow passageway. Owner calls dog through door when ready.
    Doorway or gate can be real or simulated with ring gates, two chairs, or a natural passageway (e.g., entrance to trail) in the community.

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Next Evening Class Date:
June 9th @ 7:30pm 


Next Daytime Class Date
Coming soon!


Next Weekend Class Date:

June 9th @ 7:30pm 

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