Barks and Rec Animal Training and Behavior is the only training facility of its kind in northern Michigan.  We use only gentle, modern, and  science-based positive reinforcement and offer everything from aggression and obedience training to nosework and agility.


We are a Fear Free training facility, if your dog is wearing a choke, pinch, or electric collar you will be asked to remove it. 

News and Updates:

Hello Bark Rangers!  Starting January 1st our group training classes will be changing.  All Level 1 classes will be 8 weeks instead of six weeks.  Our Level 2 classes will now be 7 weeks long instead of six.  Our specialty classes will remain six weeks long (Agility, Pre-Agility, Nosework, etc. 

Your Up North Dog Trainer

Lifetime learning starts at 8 weeks of age and your puppies socialization window starts to close at 16 weeks of age.  Don't wait to start training.  Sign up for Pup Scouts Today! 

We offer a wide range of training programs. All training is scientifically- based.

We offer private training as well as group classes!

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