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Barks and Rec Animal Training and Behavior is the only training facility of its kind in northern Michigan.  We use only gentle, modern, and  science-based positive reinforcement and offer everything from aggression and obedience training to nosework and agility.


We are a Fear Free training facility, if your dog is wearing a choke, pinch, or electric collar you will be asked to remove it. 

Your Up North Dog Trainer

Lifetime learning starts at 8 weeks of age and your puppies socialization window starts to close at 16 weeks of age.  Don't wait to start training.  Sign up for Pup Scouts Today! 

We offer a wide range of training programs. All training is scientifically- based.

We offer private training as well as group classes!

Our Story

News and Updates:

Hello! We are excited to offer two puppy group classes.  Explorer's is off leash play, enrichment, potty training, puppy problem intervention (like what to do with play biting), socialization to sights, sounds, people and obstacles,  Pup Scouts is our puppy training class.  Both Classes together give the best start to your puppy.  The explorers is only four weeks and pup scouts is 8 weeks. 

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